Auto Send Pre-set Email When Order Status Update : Professional

Auto Send Pre-set Email When  Order Status Update : Professional

Before You Try Demo ? Learn How it Works :-

On Click a pop up window will be open on same page, which will contain two tab ,
1. This Session Setting
2. And Email Template By Order Status

1. In this Session Setting you can write email which you need to be sent on order status update, Also here you can enable / disable email to be sent. This session setting will store your setting in the browser, And will be reset automatically when you close the page refresh the page,

2. Email Template By Order Status :- This will save the email content and other settings in the database, and will be available even after a page refresh or page closed. This will be available lifetime until you modify it or delete it.
When you will update an order status ? It will auto send pre-set email using this setting.

Insert videos in your email, If your customer got stuck with payment or if you have an OTP system to verify orders ? Let your customer see a tutorial video. How to solve the issue. You can set this email in failed order status or in any desired order status. As soon that order status updated ? customer will get an email instantly.

Auto send an email to requesting feedback when an order status is updated to complete or delivery.

Auto send an email when an order status is updated to shipped, You can customize these email as your wish.

You can dynamically insert order courier tracking link in this email
This $order_id variable will be auto-replaced by real order id when email will be sent.

Dynamically insert customer details, order details like product name, price , order date, order status, or your website details, like email, telephone, address etc using variables

When You click on these variables ? it will be auto copied in the clipboard in the background. You just visit back to email template designer and paste them by pressing Ctrl + V or by manually using the mouse.

You will get 100s of free email template, You can customize them as you need before using.

Beside hundreds of free email templete, The auto insert preset comment extension come with a built in template designer. where you can design your own customized beautiful professional emails.

* Its also support canned messages
* Order History Templates
* Order history default comments
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