Ban System

Ban System


Adds custom banning system to your store. You will be able to set ban rules for pesky customers: block names, emails like or, restrict addresses etc. Very easy to use, no special knowledge required.


Unique extension!
▸ Adds powerful banning system with unlimited number of rules. Works for customers, guests and affiliates.
▸ Two ban modes: default (displays error message) and smart (bans customers and orders automatically).
▸ Very easy to use, no crazy regular expressions required (you can still use regexp, though).
▸ You can ban by almost any available parameter: IP address, name, email, postcode, any custom field etc.

Current version: 3.1.0 (change log)


Ban System is a very powerful tool, which doesn't require any knowledge to use, yet very powerful. It has a very clean logic and allows you to create rules of any complexity. No other extension will allow you to achieve this without going through crazy setup. If you don't want certain customer to use your store, just add some of his data to ban rule and he will never be able to register, login or checkout.


You may test it in login form on our demo site. Currently there're 3 rules set:

• email EQUALS
• firstname EQUALS John AND lastname EQUALS Doe
• email LIKE support OR email LIKE sales OR email LIKE admin

Try to register using John Doe as firstname/lastname, email or any email with 'support', 'admin' or 'sales' word in it. For each successful check you'll get "Warning: Operation aborted. Please, contact administrator" message.

Extension's settings can be found in admin section on our demo site (username: demo, password: demo). Go to Sales -> Customers -> Ban System and look for conditions set.


You will find documentation on extension's page. For support us via email or forum.

NOTE: To install and use this extension on OpenCart 3 you must also install OpenCart 3 Compatibility Fixes.


Please, read our support terms before purchase.

What customers say about Ban System

Great extension.
There are some issues with it. Relating to banning addresses in combination with a city seems to ban the entire city.
The extention will not work on my store, although the review is more so for the developer, very unhelpful and not friendly at all.


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