InExport - manage product - export and import via Excel

Is simple but useful.
Makes you easier to manage your products.
Update stock easier.
Simply modify basic information.


Now, you can easily Export you Product Data from OpenCart to an Excel. Update the data and then import it back.

So, what's the special? On-the-fly Handling!

In general, import and export for an online shop, the major concern is the Product Stock (Quantity) synchronization. Each time you export Product Data, it will be out of the system maintenance. We call these offline data. As it will not be synchronized with the system in real time, the stock data is outdated. As a consequence, the offline data make conflict with online data.


There is a detail example:
For a product, say, iPhone, you have exported it from the system, when the Quantity is 100. Now, you want to reduce the Quantity to 90. At the meantime, 20 customers bought the iPhone. Now the online stock comes to 80. After you imported back the modified data, you got Quantity 90. What's the problem? The quantity should be updated to 70 instead of 90. You lose control of your stock. It may be not a problem, the solution maybe is correcting it manually. BUT, if the import / export function is building conflict, why you still use it? The point is to resolve the conflict between the exported data and on-the-fly data.

If you are programmer, you may think it isn't an issue because easy to be resolved. Take the point of view of the users, the problem is manually correct all the conflicts. If there are 10 products, do it 10 times. If there are 1000 products, do it 1000 times.

This is my observation that I think will be useful for YOU.
Any new requirements are WELCOME!!
Contact me via email or leave your comments here.


InExport simply solve the conflicts between offline-data and online-data.

Quantity (Stock) is maintained even exported.

There are the Supported Data up to NOW, but more in the future if YOU NEED.
- Product ID (Reserved, read-only)
- Language ID (Reserved, read-only)
- Name
- Price
- New Quantity
- Model
- Location
- Minimum
- Subtract (Yes / No)
- Date Availible
- Shipping (Yes / No)
- Points
- Weight
- Length
- Width
- Height
- Sort Order

That all up to NOW. If didn't appear at the above list, the data doesn't be supported yet.
With respect to user-friendly and making-simple concerns, I kept it simple at the beginning.
If you really want this, contact me!! It is possible to do anything if there are enough NEEDS!

If you think these are what you needs, buy it!
If these are not enough to you, please tell me what extras you think are necessary.
I am willing to hear your feedback.



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