Payment Method Currency

Payment Method Currency

Payment Method Currency is module allow to change automatically the currency according to payment method at checkout, for one or all payment methods and for all or selected currencies.

With this extension you don't need to ask your clients to change the currency to pay with specific payment method, or if you use a payment method don't suppot one of currecies that you have, then you can change the currency for a supported currency to let client pay without the error currency messages.

This extension allow you to specific the currency for your payment method if you want to use a currency for your payment method or the payment method didn't supported same currencies.

The extension allow to change the curreny before confirming the order by display the confirm step with the select currency. Or change the currecy of order after confirming the order by change the currency in payment page for the instant payment method or order currency for post payment method.

  • For the payment methods you have "PayPal" and others methods and for the currencies you have SAR and USD. When your client try to pay with Paypal and he visit products with SAR currency, then when he try to pay he will get an error because PayPal don't support SAR currency. So to resolve this you can make the currency USD for PayPal, when the client choose to pay via PayPal (without asking customer changing currency or get error) he get the total of payment with USD currency.
  • For the currencies you have "USD" and "EUR", and you have "PayPal" as payment method. You use in your PayPal account only the USD curreny and you don't like to let PayPal convert the received amounts from other currencies to USD currency, because PayPal has an exchange rate different that you use or you want. So you can make the currency for PayPal USD and when customer try to checkout he get the total in USD currency before he confirm the payment (if he visit and shwo prices with EUR currency, it will be change to USD).
  • For the currencies you have USD, EUR and SAR, and you have "PayPal" as payment method. You want to change the currency of payment to ther currency USD when customer use SAR curreny but you don't want to change currency for EUR, so you accept payment with USD and EUR, choose the type Specific Currencies and choose USD for PayPal and select only SAR, now when customer can pay using USD or EUR but when using SAR they will pay USD.

  • Full controller via the admin panel.
  • Allow the auto change of currency before and after confirm the order (during checkout).
  • Allow the auto change of all currencies or only for same currencies.
  • Enable/Disable the auto change of currency for one payment method or for all the payment methods.
  • Keep the currency (chosen by the client) if the payment method currency is disabled or currency not selected when
  • choose chane only same currencies.
  • Change the currency if the payment is changed (if the currency of payment method is enabled).
  • Auto update the min cart in header when change currency.
  • Auto change the currency symbol in header when change currency.
  • Support any payment methods.
  • Support any themes.

Please check the Readme_PaymentMethodsCurrency.txt for how to install and configure it.
Also, you can watch the video demo for more details.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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