Price Range Shipping Delivery Method

Price Range Shipping Delivery Method
Price Based Shipping delivery extension, This module has 4 price range and 7 delivery method and one check option Allow free. So you can set each delivery method different different price that will be show into front end Delivery Method section with each price and if any delivery price is blank that delivery will not show into front end u can set 0.00 also if u want. suppose you set checked allow free is true that's means that delivery price range will be allow for free delivery and that time it will show one delivery method option and you can set free delivery universal price from top box. you can disable and sort also this module so its dynamic and you can also change also your delivery each price method name dynamically that will be show same admin and front end and Front end delivery method top title also. This is updated version module. So if you face any problem or any small help or any small changes that will be free and i am always helpful contact with me if you need any help thanks and enjoy..


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1.5.4,,, 1.5.6

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8 Dec 2016

3 Feb 2013
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