Page Cache PRO: 600x PERFORMANCE + CacheControl + UNIQUE!!

Page Cache PRO: 600x PERFORMANCE + CacheControl + UNIQUE!!
Page Cache + CacheControl + Memcache + APC + HTML Minification + Compression


This extension have a HUGE difference with ALL pagecache extensions, it don't expires the cache BY TIME. With other extensions, if you have a product with limited stock, is pretty frequent oversell it, or sell disabled products, or with old prices, because changes won't be reflected until cache expires.

In contrast, my extension indentify every product/category/manufacturer/information/etc., and when data changes (or stock does), the CacheControl delete it selectively, avoiding oversell, inconsistences and other terrible "solutions" like clean all cache on every change/sale.

Another big difference is that can serve pages from RAM: automatically detects if your hosting support APC or Memcache, and use it.


It's important to ensure a clear understanding of what "performance" means, it's easy to confuse "performance" and "scale". Both are important for a high-quality web, but each focuses on a different aspect.

Performance, refers to the speed or responsiveness: reduce page load times, making operations fast.. in general reducing the amount of time your customer spends waiting.

Your Opencart might load fast enought for you when 10 people are using it, but if you don't add scalability, when 100 people start hitting it the site will start to slow down (or worse). Poor scalability will lead into poor performance as your site's grows.

My recommendation for a high-quality site is address both. This extension is a good start for a professional store, it will make it extremely responsive: the performance is very noticable, resulting in a great customer experience, displaying cached pages immediatly and increasing the google ranking (not pagespeed, for that use the Extreme Extension).

Also increase the scalability: cached pages are served directly, without processing, then the server will be free to take care of non-cachable pages (pages with personal information).

If you need a different solution, take a look to my other extensions, I a have solutions for every performance issue and every budget.


When someone visits your site, the extension check if don't contain personal data, and cache it in RAM Memory.

When others get in, it serve the pages very quickly, directly from cache, bypassing all PHP processing. To give you an idea, usually send first byte in less than 0.2 seconds.

  • Page Cache = extremely responsive store, reduced server load
  • CacheControl = no oversell, no inconsistency, no expiration by time.
  • Cache in RAM Memory: Memcache + APC (5 times faster than Memcache)
  • HTML Minification
  • Compression
  • 100% Multilingual.
  • Multi currency
  • Template Independient.
  • Compatible with SEO.
  • Don't replace any file

  • OpenCart (support all versions).
  • VQmod
  • Optional: APC or Memcache


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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10 Dec 2014

16 Feb 2013
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