Backup, Restore and Migrate

Backup, Restore and Migrate
Backup, restore and migrate your opencart installation to different installations, versions, domains,...

This extension gives the shop owner the ability to EASILY perform backups of opencart's database and restore them. Additionally, it is able to automatically migrate an existing opencart database to a new opencart installation or to a new server (domain).

Note that the extension only handles the database and not opencart files. This way, you can upgrade from an old version of opencart to a newer one.

With some tweaks this extension can also migrate your opencart mijoshop to a standalone opencart installation.

It has the following features.
  • Designed for large databases (often, simple extension quickly time out and cannot handle several 10.000 of products)
  • Completely standalone, no opencart files touched or replaced
  • Migration between different opencart versions AND different installations (e.g. on different servers with different domains) possible
  • Fast and easy restore
  • You can either chose the tables yourself or let the extension do it for you (e.g. Categories, Products, Customers, etc.)

Please see the pictures for more details.

If you are used to using Akeeba Backup for Joomla, the usage/set-up is different for this Backup extension. The difference is that there has to be an initial installation of Opencart running to restore the backup to, rather than being able to use the backup for the full job. The reason is that this extension can also be used to upgrade and therefore it doesn't make sense to also restore files (which would be coming from an old opencart version). However, I might be including an optional file backup/restore in the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

This extension comes with the high level of support my customers are used to. Check also my other extensions by clicking here.

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