Automatisk utsendelse av angrerettskjema - Norwegian Regret Form 1.5.x

If you are doing business in Norway you are mandated to send for every online order a so-called "Regret Form" (Angrerettskjema) to the customer.
This extension fills out this "Regret Form" (Angrerettskjema, Angreskjema, Q-0319B, 06.2014) and sends it as a PDF email attachment together with the order confirmation to the customer.

This procedure is mandatory in Norway (for Norwegian speakers see: and and failure to adhere to this procedure will cause that the customer has the right to regret his buy for 3 months instead of 14 days.

Legislation for online shops is complex. Have a look at our legal extensions.
You might find several extensions there which you should use if you do not want to risk a fine.

This extension is fully automated.
This module does not modify any core OpenCart files.
Simple installation.

Please see images above for a better understanding of how the module works.

This module is for opencart 1.5.x! It is still fully supported and maintained. However, for a new 2.x version please buy this extension.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

This extension comes with the high level of support our customers are accustomed to.
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14 May 2018

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