Multiple product quantity with options

Multiple product quantity with options
Supported OpenCart Versions

1.5.5 / 1.5.6

What does it do

This extension makes it possible to order multiple quantity of a product with different options with only 1 click.
It replaces the current quantity field of a product with multiple quantity fields.
Each of this quantity field represents an option value and can have it's own price.
It's also possible to use this functionality in the admin panel when editing orders.

For example:
A product like a t-shirt (20$) can have different sizes, small, medium and large.
Each size is shown as an option that has its own quantity field.
When you select 2 small, 3 medium and 4 large and order the product you'll get this product 9 times but with
different options and with a total price of (2+3+4) * 20 = 180$.
If these options also have an extra price it will calculate the price exactly as it should!

With these versions it is possible to use multiple of these options on the same product.
For example take the above scenario with the T-shirt:
Imagen the T-shirt is available for men and women, then you can define 2 options (Men size and Women Size)
with each of their own sizes. Then customers can order different sizes of this T-shirt for both men and women with only 1 click.

Check the screenshots to get a good understanding of what this extension does.

Main features

* Easy install and no vqmod needed (Version 2.X and above)

* Doesn't affect any standard functionality, only adds one new functionality (new option type)

* Works with all themes

* Works with multiple options on the same product

* Adds an input type=number field to the right side off an option value

* Supports extra prices for options that use this new feature

* You can use different options with quantity on the same product (Version 2.X and above)

Check screenshots to get a better understanding on how this extension looks and works.
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What customers say about Multiple product quantity with options

i just have to buy another extension because the extension make unestable my opencart,
Great extension! Works well for products that have a multitude of color options like fishing lures.


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