Combine products and manage stock levels

Simply put:
- Combine multiple products in to one
- Set its own price, discount, description and images
- The mod calculates automatically what the stock levels are for the combination
- When sold, all stock levels affected will be mutated
- Never get angry customers because you said you had something in stock while you didn't or miss out an a sale because your store said you didn't have it, while you did.

Guaranteed conversion booster!

More extensively put:
This Mod gives you the possibility to combine multiple products into one package deal. Everytime a package is sold, the different stock levels of all it's components will be adjusted. This gives you the possibility to create a wide variety of combinations without the problem of keeping track of all the stock levels.

For example, if you sell wine and you have stock of three wines, a merlot, a chrianza and a bordeaux. You sell these by boxes of six bottles and you have 1 box of merlot, 1 box of chrianza and 2 boxes of bordeaux.

Now you want to offer a special deal containing 2 bottles of every wine. Normaly in OpenCart you would create a product named "tasting package red wine", you assign it it's stock amount and if you sell a box you try and remember to check if you now have enough to sell the normal boxes of 6 bottles. This is a huge hassle and is likely to go wrong in which case you have something displayed in stock on your store which you haven't, or worse, you display products as "out of stock" while you actually do have the products.

This mod changes that. With this, you still create a new product named " tasting package red wine" but you assign it the status of "Combi Product". Now you can tell opencart which other products in its database should be the components of this product. This combined product now won't have a stock amount of its own, but the availability will be calculated according to the stock levels of its components and the quantity of them that are needed.

If you sell a package deal now, your store will automatically adjust the stock amount of it's components with the amount needed to create the package deal. i.e. in our above example you would have 6 bottles of merlot, 6 bottles of chrianza and 12 bottles of bordeaux. After you sell the package the stock levels will be reduced to 4, 4 and 10. Also the availability of the package deal is reduced from 3 to 2. Also if you've sold another 3 bottles of merlot in a different package, the availability of our example package will be none as it needs at least 2 bottles of merlot but there is only one available.

The great thing this means for you is that you only have to monitor the stock levels of the real products and not those of the combined products.

Up untill now this mod does not support the use of options in combined products.

What customers say about Combine products and manage stock levels

Very good extension. A must have if you use bulk item lots for discounts. Work seamlessly out of the box. Thanks for providing this to the public.


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