Default Category for Products with Redirect

Default Category for Products with Redirect
This extension makes your webshop more SEO friendly. In opencart, by default, you can reach a product directly.This means you don't have to specify the category path in the url to view a product, this is not really good in SEO. With this extension you can define a default or main category to your products, and it will redirect to the product with category path. There are 3 types of redirect: Always, Selective and No Path redirect. When you select Always redirect, the extension will always redirect to the default category. When Selective redirect is active, the mod will check the current category in the path, and if none of the current categories are connected to the product, it will redirect to the default category. The No Path redirect method will redirect only if no category path specified in the url. The extension comes with a module set up page and also support multi store systems.

Disables direct linking to a product
Add default category to your products
Multi Store support.
Redirects to the product with category path.
3 type of redirection: Always, Selective and No path redirect
Always redirect: always redirects to the default category, no matter which is the current category
Selective redirect: Checks if the product is connected to the current category. If not, it redirects to the default category. If no path in the url, it redirects to the default category
No path redirect: Redirects to the default category, only when no path defined in the url
Enable/Disable module

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