Category Copy Button V3 (admin)

Category Copy Button V3 (admin)
Opencart 3 & Cloud ready!

Quickly copy categories and their subcategories!

With this extension you can easily copy categories from category list page in your admin panel, as you do for products.

The extension adds a "Copy" button alongside with the other buttons in top. There are 3 checkboxes to give you 3 options when copying categories:

1) Copy subcategories: When checked it will copy subcategories of selected categories, as well. This feature is extremely useful for large amount of subcategories or many subcategories levels.

2) Enable copied categories: When checked all new copied categories will be enabled. If not, they will be disabled.

3) Assign products: When checked all products from old category will also assigned to the new category.

When copy a category, the new category will be exactly the same, except the “SEO keyword”, which will be blank.

VQMod is required for OpenCart 1.5.x
Nothing required for OpenCart 2, OpenCart 3 & Cloud (OCMOD)

Instructions included.

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Compatibility,,,,,,,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1.5.4,

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16 Jul 2019

20 Apr 2013
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