Simple Product List Exporter

Simple Product List Exporter
Version 1.5

A script for Opencart to export your standard products list as either a CSV or XML with full customisable columns. Allowing disabling or enabling of the output options that you require. Also allows selection of file name (for .csv), delimiter, file type and currency decimal point options as well as the ability to enable or disable column headers in CSV output mode.

.csv file downloaded or XML output created instantly with customisable column list when visiting

Customisable options allow enabling/disabling of the following columns in your outfile file :-

Product Name, Product Model, Product Price, Product Special Price, Product URL, Stock Quantity, Date Added, Date Last Modified, Product View Count, Minimum Quantity Purchase, Maximum Quantity Purchase, Product Keywords, Product Description, Product Image URL, Price with VAT/Tax (new in v1.5), Product Manufacturer (new in v1.5), Product Category (new in v1.5).

Ability to output in different currencies based on your Opencart exchange rates and installed currencies.

Very useful for your affiliates and price comparison websites which list your products to grab your latest prices and details and update in real time automatically. Also handy for sending your full standard price list to customers etc.

Works with v1.5+ and v1.4 - Does not work with 2.0


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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22 Mar 2015

22 Apr 2013
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