Grouped Product - Grouped

Grouped Product - Grouped
See the new version of Grouped Product for Opencart 3.x

The "Grouped Product" extension is the first and best way to create a Grouped Products!

With this mod you can create a new product page listing more products grouped
You can combine products by brand, by size, dimension, and/or nothing in common.. as you need..

Say goodbye to complicated product options.
This amazing extension is very useful for listing perfume bottles, pet food and all the products with the same name and different sizes, kit, gift Basket, etc...

With Grouped Product, the product itself may be an option but with all the features of the product page and all the improvements that you want in an option!
Your customers will find much easier to buy the desired products without wasting time, seeing the most important information of the product, with a sure benefit for both.

All the products on the list will be regularly displayed in the categories of your store, all like the original Opencart settings, so it will be possible to hide or show them in categories, nothing will be overwritten or modified, everything will work regularly, but in addition, you can decide to show a product only on the Grouped Product page avoiding to see the product page individually! Just great!

For each product will keep the correct product code (MODEL, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, etc) also their options and all product's features, and your admin panel easier to manage.

TRY IT NOW !! Demo Grouped Product

Opencart - Grouped Product

OC v2.2.0.0:

OC v1.5.x: Click here for Products example!!

== GP v5.x for Opencart 1.5.x:
= Some themes aren't compatible. The package contains general guideline (not detailed, because each theme is different) to add others themes, some of them are NOT EASY to implement.

== GP v6.0 for Opencart 2.x:
= Compatible with all major themes and easy to implement.

GP Versions:
GP - Bundle
GP - Configurable
GP - Grouped
GP - inCat

= Features
* Ability to hide one o more products if they are associated to a "Grouped Product", so that the product is only visible through the "Grouped Product’s page" and not visible separately.

* Ability to add to Grouped Product's image all child-product's images as thumbnails

* Replacement function of child-product's name.
For example if you have 3 (child-)products:
1)"Fabio's perfume Size 50ml", 2)"Fabio's perfume Size 100ml", 3)"Fabio's perfume Size 200ml"
and you would like to use them as if they were options, you can associate them in a Grouped Product that has the name of the product itself: "Fabio's perfume".
The child-product will be displayed as: 1)"Size 50ml", 2)"size 100ml", 3)"size 200ml" ...

... and much more!

= Instruction of use
Create a product for each variant from: admin::catalog::products

Perfumes example:
1) Versace Homme EDT 50ml
2) Versace Homme EDT 100ml
Pet food example:
1) Orijen Regional Red 2.5 Kg
2) Orijen Regional Red 7 Kg
Electronics example:
1) Kingston memory 32 gb
2) Kingston memory 16 gb

After you have created the product with all the necessary information go to:
admin :: catalog :: Products Grouped

Create new Grouped product:

- "Versace Homme Fragrance Eau de Toilette"
OR - "Versace Homme", if you want only the size output in grouped product

- "Orijen pet food Regional Red"
OR - "Orijen Regional Red", if you want only the size output in grouped product

- "Kingston Memory Series"
OR - "Kingston Memory", if you want only the size output in grouped product

For each grouped product, associate the child-product.
DONE!! It is very simple for you and for your customers!!


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