Random Order ID

Random Order ID

This mod generates and uses a random Order Number and Invoice number, that is related to the Order ID, so that clients or competition will never know exactly how many orders your store has processed!

When you search in admin, you can search by order ID or by order No, which is the random generated number and it will show the same results.

On the front-end, the user only sees the new generated number for Order and Invoice, and not the real order ID or real Invoice ID.

The real sequential Invoice ID is kept for accountant reasons. The invoice random number displayed to customer is a string that works like this: invoice prefix + order random no + generated sequential number, for example: on order 80728 invoice is INV-2012-00807281

The random order ID is generated only for future orders, after the module is installed. It does not generate strings for older, existing orders!

This is a beta version. Any suggestions are welcomed.

1) Install the XML to your vqmod/xml folder or just copy the contents from 'upload' folder to your store's root folder.
2) Please backup your database !!!
3) You will also have to run some SQL queries (those are included in the XML file).
* This is a beta version. Any suggestions are welcomed.
For any bugs or problems related to this mod, please e-mail andrei.opencart@yahoo.com


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1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,

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10 Aug 2016

26 Apr 2013
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