MASS products update: Quantity (stock),+...

MASS products update: Quantity (stock),+...
You can update Quantity (stock), Minimum Quantity, Subtract Stock, Out Of Stock Status, Requires Shipping, Date Available, Status for multiple products at once, from admin page.
It works with an infinite number of products.

You can filter products by the following conditions:
- Product Name
- Product Tags
- Model
- Categories (multiple selection is possible)
- Manufacturers (multiple selection is possible)
- Filters (multiple selection is possible)
- SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Location
- Price (base price)
- Discount: Customer Group, Price, Date Start, Date End
- Special: Customer Group, Price, Date Start, Date End
- Reward Points: Points (Number of points needed to buy a product), Customer Group, Reward points
- Tax Class
- Quantity (stock)
- Minimum Quantity (Force a minimum ordered amount)
- Subtract Stock
- Out Of Stock Status
- Requires Shipping
- Date Available
- Date Added, Date Modified
- Status
- Store
- Attribute, Attribute Value
- Option, Option Value

Products for update:
Filtered products will be listed with pagination, so, it works with an infinite number of products.
You can set how many products shown per page (for slower servers or large databases, it is recommended a smaller number of products per page).
You can deselect or reselect certain products from list.

Products updates:
1) Quantity (stock)
Updating can be done in the following ways:
- Addition (+) a value
- Subtraction (-) a value
- Multiplication (*) with a value | here you can handle percentages
- Replacement with a value
Supports positive and negative numbers. Decimal numbers are rounded to integer.
2) Minimum Quantity
3) Subtract Stock
4) Out Of Stock Status
5) Requires Shipping
6) Date Available
7) Status

username: demo
password: demo

In instructions.txt file from downloaded archive you will find full instructions about installation and usage.

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