Cookie Policy - Cookie Law Compliance [MultiLang] [MultiStore]

Cookie Policy - Cookie Law Compliance [MultiLang] [MultiStore]

Cookie Policy Pro - EU Cookie Law Compliance

✔ For OpenCart 2.*, 1.5.*
Best selling cookie module for OpenCart
✔ vQmod- just upload, enable, save and go!
✔ Multi Language & Multi Store Compatible


☞ Set the message display to stick at the top, bottom or the whole screen.
☞ Multi language/store ready. Just copy over the mods language file over to the same place in your own language and translate.
☞ Links to any page where your cookie policy is or defaults to the Privacy Policy page
☞ Don't show again button creates a cookie for 365 days so the message wont show again until then or until cookies are cleared in browser settings.
☞ Styling options. You can change the look of Cookie Policy from the admin panel; change text and background colours, transparency and even choose if the button should have rounded corners or not!
☞ There is a sample cookie policy document in the zip file which you can simply copy and paste into your Privacy Policy page or create your own page. Be aware that the sample document is only for those using Google Analytics and thats it, if your site creates other cookies then you will have to add these into your policy.
☞ No images are used, its all CSS to lessen load time and bandwidth usage.

If you use Google Analytics or some other kind of Analytics, some ad scripts or any other third party script that creates and uses cookies you could be breaking the law and fined unless you use a cookie policy script like this.

Cookie Policy does the minimum requirement stated by the EU Cookie Law and uses "Implied Consent" method. This means that as long as you show the user a message saying your site uses cookies, with a link to your Privacy Policy which details what cookies you use etc then the user doesn't even need to agree by clicking a button, simply using/browsing the site implies their consent. The implied consent method means that there is little disruption to your code and the installation of this mod is SO easy, just upload, enable, edit your privacy policy and your done!

Cookie Policy Demo
If you have visited this site before for a demo of one of my other mods then please clear your browsers cookies if you don't see the Cookie Policy message.

♥ Be legal and enjoy! ♥

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Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,

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11 Nov 2018

17 May 2013
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