Upload and Sort Multiple Images with Drag&Drop – InstaLoader

Upload and Sort Multiple Images with Drag&Drop – InstaLoader

✯ Supports OpenCart 2.3!!! ✯

✯ NEW FEATURE - Product Images Preview!!! ✯


This plugin allows to upload and sort images of the product in an easy, fast and reliable manner. You can drag all the photos you want this product to have and they will instantly be uploaded (using Ajax technology in the backend). Moreover, you can sort images by dragging them in the order you like them to appear on the product screen. Finally, you don’t have to worry about loading image separately in the “Data” tab — the first image in the list will automatically become your leading image.


  • ✯ Upload multiple product images using drag and drop
  • ✯ Work from any device: desktop, tablet, phone
  • ✯ Easily manage images — no need to search in the library of already uploaded images
  • ✯ Leading image will be automatically generated using the first images in the list
  • ✯ vQmod - you can upgrade OpenCart as much as you want
  • ✯ It comes bundled with the easy to use installer
  • ✯ Semantical folder names
  • ✯ The images will be saved asynchronously — to see the results you don’t have to hit “Save”
  • ✯ 100% HTML5
  • ✯ Quality Made in Germany

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Simple Installation Process

After the vQmod is installed there are only three simple steps to install InstaLoader:

  1. Copy vqmod/xml/Simplier_Image_Upload.xml file to the vqmod/xml on your site, then copy contents of the admin/view/javascript to your site’s directory admin/view/javascript
  2. Copy instaloader-install to the root of your site. Then go to http://[YOURSITENAME]/instaloader-install to start simple installation process.
  3. There is no Step 3 =)

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bola magik
good extension..very easy to use and save me time
~bola magik


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