Affiliate Switch & Link Cloaker

Affiliate Switch & Link Cloaker
A VQmod to add an external link to products that have a deeplink, Use it to turn your Opencart store into an affiliate site. Or run affiliate products alongside regular products, Or deeplink to out of stock products. You can add a any url to a product, and by doing this the add to cart will be swapped with a cloaked link to your url.

This VQmod will replace the add to cart buttons on with a "more info" button to the product page itself on the following files:

category views
search views
brands views
wishlist views
featured module
specials module
latest module

On the product page, the add to cart button is replaced with a "prices & info" button to a deeplink :-)

All prices are removed from display to encourage click through rates and the only outgoing links are on the product page itself

Now uses a redirect page to retrieve URL's from the DB.

In the admin view an additional field under "model" is used to enter an affiliate link - See images.

To sum it up, IF product has deeplink, all prices are removed & its impossible to add a product to the cart.
If no affiliate link exists in DB, the normal add to cart buttons will appear on the product page. (per product function)

Its a method that works well for me & I hope you can enjoy it too :-)


Just upload the files in the upload folder, and enter your affiliate link in the product page under the new field "Affilaite Link"
No files are modified or replaced, this is a VQmod !

*You can adjust the amount of seconds before redirection in the redirect.php on line 32
you might want to do this so you can place an advert here or an additional message or use google analytics to measure additional e-commerce goals, an example: time based goal tracking, how many seconds a user stays here = user referred (goal).

see demo store here

Bug Fixes & Upgrades

1. Uses own dedicated field in product DB table
2. Creates field using a SQL query in Vqmod
3. Decode HTML entities from DB to parse correct URLs
4. URLs are hidden; Uses a no-follow + no-cache redirect page to retrieve URLs from DB
5. Can be used with regular products (add to cart)
7. Added latest module
8. Tested on Opencart 1.5.6

Tested with Default theme & child of default themes. If you have a custom theme, please get in touch & we can modify this vQmod to suit you for a small fee :-)


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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18 Jun 2014

5 Jun 2013
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