Bulk Coupon Generator/Import ( Automatic & Csv Sheet)

Bulk Coupon Generator/Import ( Automatic & Csv Sheet)
Bulk Coupon Generator/Import/Export:
This is an Opencart extension for generating bulk coupons instantly based on your pre-defined settings.

You can generate coupons with 2 methods:
a) Automatic method ( With a Click )
b) Manual method ( With CSV sheet )

We have also added some extra features to make your coupon system better
  • Export all
  • Delete all
  • Quick search filter

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    1) The extension helps you generate bulk coupons instantly.
    2) The coupons are generated within seconds using both methods.
    3) If you want to generate random coupons instantly you can use the Automatic method.
    4) If you have a CSV sheet, then you can upload coupons manually using a CSV sheet option.
    5) It takes 10 to 15 seconds to upload around 5000 coupons.

    Extra features besides coupon generation

      a) Coupon filters to help you find coupons easily.
      b) Coupons based on customer groups.
      c) Coupons based on customers ( For 3.x version ).
      d) Coupons based on manufacturer ( For 3.x version ).
      e) Delete all coupons.
      f) Export all coupons ( CSV format ).

    Coupon code generator: Automatic method [For all 2.x / 3.x versions]
    1) In this method, you only need to fill in coupon settings according to your preferences and save them.
    2) So just fill in the coupon fields for coupon generation.
    3) Next just click the "Import" button to automatically import all coupons based on your preference.
    4) Coupon codes are generated randomly.
    5) Coupon codes also can have some desired prefix codes. Ex: SUMMER, HAPPY, FREE, etc.

    Coupon code generator: Manually with CSV sheet
    1)In this method, you only need to fill in coupon settings according to your preferences and save them.
    2) Next step you need to export the CSV sheet based on your coupon settings.
    3) You can also start with an empty CSV sheet. But the format should be the same as an exported sheet.
    4) Coupon codes are generated randomly in this exported sheet.
    5) Coupon codes also can have some desired prefix codes. Ex: SUMMER, HAPPY, FREE, etc.
    6) Now if you want to modify this sheet you can. Like adding your own coupon codes, changing other coupon fields, etc.
    8) Once all modification is done or you have created your coupon CSV sheet.
    9) You can click on the" Import" button to import the coupons.

    Extra features
    1) You can assign coupons to selected customer groups. So only those particular customer groups can use those coupons.
    2) You can assign coupons to selected customers. So only those particular customers can use those coupons. ( For 3.x version)
    3) Import coupons with random codes just by filling out a single form with your own preference.
    4) Import coupons with your own coupon code using a CSV spreadsheet with your own preferred settings.
    5) Delete all coupons with just 1 click.
    6) New Search Filter option is provided on the coupon page, to search by name, code, date start, date end, status, etc for quick searching of coupons.[This is a new option For the 1.5.x version]

    Latest Features Added
    - Added coupons for assigning to selected customers. For 3.x version.

    - Work on ocmod for 2.x, 3.x
    - Works on vqmod for 1.5.x.
    - Works with all themes.
    - Money-back guarantee.
    - Free installation available

    You can check the link below for extension guidance
    Coupon code generator documentation

    Version history / Frequently asked questions
    Check different versions and faqs
    Coupon code generator version history

    Support Ticket
    Create a support ticket for further assistance:
    Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

    Help / Contact us
    For any kind of further queries regarding purchase, customization, etc.
    Email: support@cartbinder.com

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    excellent app, excellent support!!
    The module works flawlessly i have install it on OC and Journal 3 Thank you !
    MGS Cleaning
    Fantastic support.... The team at Cartbinder has gone way beyond their scope of support to help us in understanding how not only their extension works but giving us information and in a few cases actually setting up some extensions that really had nothing to do with what we purchased. 5 stars
    ~MGS Cleaning


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