Order Discount - OC1.5.x

Order Discount - OC1.5.x

Benefits of implementing an ORDER DISCOUNT program on your store are many - from enhancing your sales to keeping your customers satisfied!

For example, if a potential customer has in his shopping cart products valued at $228 and in extension settings was defined 5% discount if cart content value is over $120, then is auto added 5% discount.

HOW WILL WORK EXTENSION IF I SELECT "COMPARE MODE" = Subtotal EXCLUDING tax?Will compare subtotal ($190) with discount thresholds. (based on cart content and thresholds from in image above)
Sum of prices of products EXCLUDING tax = $190
Sum of prices of products INCLUDING tax = $108 + $120 = $228

I WANT TO ADD DISCOUNT ONLY TO CERTAIN CUSTOMER GROUP. IS THIS POSSIBLE?YES it is. In extension setting - section customer groups - select only groups where you want to apply discount.

I HAVE CUSTOM THEME INSTALLED IN MY STORE. CAN I THIS EXTENSIONYES you can use it on any OpenCart Theme. This extension is an "order total" extension - and is not related to theme used in your store.

I WANT OC-EXTENSIONS TEAM TO INSTALL IT FOR ME. IS POSSIBLE?YES. For a small fee our team can install extension in your store. Contact us for a quote


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