Kit Options

Kit Options

When an option is selected, the main image will be swapped with that option's image (select and radio).
If you click images of checkbox and image option type it will be show in popup.
This extension add description in options and will allow you to update automatically product price and product points with the price options value selected.
If you set product price = 0 you can replace it with first option price.
Option sku for each option value. It's displayed in cart, checkout, order and invoice (version 2.0)

How it works

For radio and select option type is enabled the image swap
For checkbox and image options is enabled the image popup
For select, radio, checkbox and image is enabled description option
For select, radio, checkbox and image is enabled update automatically product price and product points with options value


You can select option price with prefix (+ -) or without it for each option type;
You can select two options template : kit-options - default2-options ;
For this you go : System -> Settings -> Edit -> Option Tab

If you use product price = 0 you like use "Product price 0 in category" : it set first option price in category, search, manufacturer, wishlist, compare and all modules. IT IS FREE WITH KIT OPTIONS

You can use description option for display special price, link to another product, model option...........with many styles.
You have image swap for radio option and image popup for checkbox and image option.

This mod adds an automatic update the price when the options value are selected.

This mod works with this options :

* Select
* Radio
* Checkbox
* Image

The option swap image isn't compatible with zoom product image.

It's a Vqmod file only !


Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Demo 4
Demo 5

KIT OPTIONS 2 - for Opencart 2 -- it has different features from opencart 1.5

(***) If you need options with input quantity + update price automatically, you need this extension: SUPER OPTIONS


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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