One Click myHermes CSV Download to Upload Your Shipments [VQMOD]

One Click myHermes CSV Download to Upload Your Shipments [VQMOD]
UPDATED: Now supports myHermes new format (just 8 hours after they changed their website and you get an update keeping your mod up to date!) UPDATED again to match myHermes.

This VQMod will save you HOURS of time typing in addresses into the myHermes website, and you’ll never make a mistake again!

No more manually typing addresses, typing the wrong number, wasting your time when you could actually be promoting your business.

ONE CLICK and it’s done.

- It automatically adds ALL the address information
- Adds the customer’s email address, so your customers will AUTOMATICALLY receive an email with how to track their order, which INCREASES YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE
- Calculates the total weight of the order, including any options, so you only pay what you need to
- Adds the correct total value of the order, making any lost parcels simpler to claim back

Simply adds a ‘Download myHermes CSV’ button next to ‘Print Invoice’ button on the Order page. It will then immediately create a properly formatted CSV file, with all names, addresses, weight and value of all the selected orders. Then you upload it to myHermes and you’re done!

Don’t waste another minute typing out addresses, get this, and free up your time to increase sales. If you just make one mistake typing the address, you’ve wasted what would have purchased this mod. And, because It’s a VQMOD, it’s just a simple copy one file to your vqmod folder and it’s good to go.

Click BUY NOW and save time and money

ALSO, since I use myHermes myself, should they make any changes, you can be sure this mod will be updated within a day or two.

This is the only mod to offer such fantastic integration that’s super simple to use, for myHermes, just get it now.

NEW: If you'd like 'Delivery Instruction' and 'Safe Place' to be magically filled out as well, then download and install this module AND THIS module. They work together to save you even more time!


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25 Jun 2013
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