Affiliate Tracking with Coupons

With this module you can use Coupon code as additional affiliate tracking method. You can attach affiliate to a coupon, and when someone uses that coupon's code, he will be associated with that affiliate, exactly like if he used the URL with affiliate tracking code in it.

Regular coupon functionality and affiliate functionality are not modified in any way. You still can have usual generic coupons, not associated with any affiliate, and still can use regular affiliate tracking code as usual.

The difference between this module and other coupon / affiliate modules is that other modules do not use coupon code for tracking - when someone makes order with coupon, affiliate does get the commission, but when he returns later and makes another order with no coupon, affiliate does not get any commission.

With this module, after the first order with coupon, affiliate will get the commission every time for all that customer's future orders (even without coupon), just like with regular tracking. And it's also possible to limit tracking to a single browser session, if that's what you need.

Optionally, it's possible to use coupon code for affiliate tracking even when coupon itself can not be applied (expired, disabled, etc).

In openCart 2 and 3 you can attach coupons to your own Marketing Campaigns too.

Attention openCart and users: OCMOD system is broken in those versions, we recommend free extension below to fix it:

Demo version:
    for openCart 3 (contains ALL Affiliate Pack X extensions):

    for openCart 2 (contains ALL Affiliate Pack X extensions):

    for openCart 1 (contains ALL Affiliate Pack X extensions):

Admin login: demo , password: demo

The module is included in Affiliate Pack X, where you can get it with 40% discount:

openCart 1.x versions require vQmod.
For openCart 3 version installation instructions and documentation, see Documentation tab on the Download page.
For openCart 1 and 2 version, installation instructions and documentation is included in the .zip download.

This module is supposed to work with regular openCart. Though issues are unlikely, compatibility with 3rd party modules, extensions, themes or modifications is not 100% guaranteed.


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