Opencart Geolocation Currency Converter

Opencart Geolocation Currency Converter
Opencart GEO Location Currency Converter module converts the price of your store’s product in run time as per your country's location. On the product page, Customer can see the price according to their location.

If the customer changes their country, then the currency will also change as per the settings. The module also provides language mapping with the country.

Use Case-

Opencart Geolocation Currency Converter is a module that converts a store's product price currency based on the customer’s location. This module is helpful for businesses that have customers from different countries and want to display prices in their local currency.

By automatically displaying prices in the customer's local currency, businesses can enhance the user experience for their international customers. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates.


  • Converts the price of your store’s product as per the country's location.
  • Admin can enable or disable the module.
  • Customers can see the price according to their location on the product page.
  • The language will automatically be changed according to the location of the customer.
  • The admin can add language translation based on the location.


Once the module gets installed on the Opencart store the admin needs to enable the module from here.

Select the Geolocation currency converter option and edit the same. It will navigate on another page to enable the module.

Now in the layout section edit the product layout page. Here the admin can set the position for the Geolocation currency converter.

Now the admin can map the language with the countries in the Map country section. Accordingly, the customer will see the store language.

On the front end, the customer will see the converted currency as per their selected country.

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