(COD Fee) Cash on Delivery Fee / Supplemento Contrassegno

With this extension you can apply a fee to the Cash on Delivery.

*** Features:
- apply a fixed or percentage fee to COD
- can set an "order amount" for no fee
- can set an "order amount" to disable the COD payment
- can set a min and/or a max fee when using percentage option
- fee cost preview in Payment Method selection during checkout
- COD is disabled when shipping method is "Pickup from store" or not present

*** Installation:
1. Login to your OpenCart admin panel and go to Extensions -> Extension Installer.
2. Click on the Upload button.
3. Find cod_fee_total.ocmod_oc3.zip on your computer and load it.
4. OpenCart will begin the installation of the module along with the OCMod and when the operation is done you will receive a success message.
5. Go to Extensions > Order Totals, find "Cash on Delivery Fee" and click the [Install] button.
6. Once installed click the [Edit] button, set parameters as desired, status to "Enabled" and save.
7. Remember also to install and enable the Cash on Delivery payment method (Extensions -> Payments)

*** Upgrade:
1. Login to your OpenCart admin panel and go to Extensions -> Modifications
2. Select "COD Fee Total" and click the remove button in the top right corner
3. Go to Extensions -> Order Totals and uninstall "Cash on delivery fee"
4. Follow previous instructions for installation
5. Go to Extensions -> Modifications and click the refresh button in the top right corner

*** Notes:
- No files are modified.
- It works on multilanguage and multistore sites
- Available in english and italian (included very easy instructions to add new languages):

*** Revisions history:

v. 2.0.0:
- OpenCart 2.x support
v. 2.0.1:
- improved installation process
- fixed: some fields are not saved / updated
v. 2.0.2:
- fixed: error in taxes calculation with OC 2.2.x
v. 2.0.3:
- COD is disabled if there isn't a shipping method (for example orders with only downloads or gift vouchers)
- new languages: arabic (store front only), spanish, portuguese
v. 2.1.0:
- new: added field "Amount for NO COD". If the sub-total is greater than or equal to this value the COD payment is not available during the checkout
- fixed: when you edit an order, in the admin side, Cash On Delivery is not listed in the payment methods dropdown box
- fixed: now the value of the sub-total is rounded to 2 decimal places when compared with "Amount for NO COD" and "Amount for free COD"
v. 2.1.1:
- fixed: wrong tax calculation when the fee type is percentage
v. 2.1.2:
- cost preview in Journal 2 quick checkout
v. 3.0.0:
- Opencart 3.x support
v. 3.0.1:
- Fixed: wrong cost preview during checkout when "Pay on Pickup" is installed

What customers say about (COD Fee) Cash on Delivery Fee / Supplemento Contrassegno

It worked without any issue (it is not obvious for many other extensions) at the first try. It does what it promises.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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