Optimize Site URL Architecture Technical SEO [VQMOD]

Optimize Site URL Architecture Technical SEO [VQMOD]
Add the rel="canonical" tag to duplicate category pages & category pagination
Opencart allows various sort orders for category page (by lowest price, highest rated, new arrival…). Specify the canonical version using a tag in the head section of the page. For example:
1> Category page sort by price & limit: http://www.target409.com/desktops?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=5
Add this tag in the <head> section: <link href="http://www.target409.com/desktops" rel="canonical" />

2> Category pagination sort by price & limit: http://www.target409.com/desktops?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=5&page=2
Add this tag in the <head> section: <link href="http://www.target409.com/desktops?page=2" rel="canonical" />

Add Rel=Prev/Next tag to category pagination and brand paginatioin, Keep in mind that all rel=next/prev pages should also have a self-referencing rel=canonical tag.
On the second category page, http://www.target409.com/desktops?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=5&page=2
<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.target409.com/desktops?page=2" />
<link rel="prev" href="http://www.target409.com/desktops?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=5&page=1" />
<link rel="next" href="http://www.target409.com/desktops?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=5&page=3" />

Display the category breadcrumb in the canonical product page. If product is in more than one category, the last category will display.

Always display the canonical product url from category, manufacturer or sitemap, remove duplicated product urls with category name and manufacturer name, this is seo friendly for search engine optimization. Also, this is ideal for getting all of your facebook likes, twitter like, Google+, Pinterest, etc to one page.

Display the products of subcategory in its parent category

product demo: http://www.target409.com/samsung-syncmaster-941bw
category demo: http://www.target409.com/components

Enable SEO URL's in the Admin Settings page, rename the .htaccess.txt file to .htaccess

For general questions about the extension, please leave a comment, post in the forum thread or email me: xdomofab@outlook.com

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