Automatic Attribute Filter (+Price, +Manufacturer)

Automatic Attribute Filter (+Price, +Manufacturer)
Automated, improved version of Advanced Attribute Search. We removed some features from it to make the module easier to configure, and we improved some of them to be it more useable. The main difference between this module and Advanced Attribute Search is that on the frontend it will display attributes that are enabled on the admin and there are products in the category which connected to the attribute. For example if you have an attribute called "Tire size" enabled on the admin but in the category where you put the module there are no products with "Tire size" attribute, then the "Tire size" filter won't display. The attributes are sorted by their sort order.

Advanced Attribute Search

The ability to filter products in a category through they attributes, manufacturers, stock prices (see how many products fits the search criterias - count)
Attributes can be split by a configurable char. If you have, for example, a ClockSpeed Attribute with values like "100MHZ,200MHZ" you can instruct the module to create multiple filter entries by spliting, in this example, by coma. One click and all filters are automatically created.
Support of select one or select multiple attribute values
Can only be placed on Category layout
Automatically decides which attribute filters to display. (Will display attribute filters only if they are enabled on the admin, and connected to at least one of the products in the category)
Custom title support
Selectable attributes
Unlimited module placement
Collapsible attributes
Select in which category you want to display the module

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