BestSearch - Full-text Ajax Live Search Module

BestSearch - Full-text Ajax Live Search Module
BestSearch - Full-text Ajax Live Search Module - Search products in the best way!

This is fresh 2019, brand new module release

Fast product search for your web shop. Lots of configurable settings and options. Search results appearance can be configured separately for five types of screen sizes!

Two-layer caching
Separate search indexes
Full-text search
Self hosted

Search by product fields (configurable)
- Name
- Model code
- Description
- Tags
- Manufacturer name
- Categories names
- Options
- Attributes
- Filter values

Search filters for more more precise results
Filter search results by:
- Category
- Option
- Attribute
- Filter

Possible to boost selected products to appear on top of the search


Desktop mode - perfect search results view while still in store scope
Search results panel apepars over the webshop page with perfectly placed search results and filters! Search results are eye catching and it's very easy to browse through.

For more store presence search results can be smaller in size
Sizes and position can be configured at module settings page. Options are available for each screen size group.

Fullscreen mode - maybe it is the best for tablet devices?
Whole device screen area is used for products, why not to purchse something? It is right under customer's hands! We want to make customers feel comfortable.

Mobile mode for small-screen devices
Nowadays most store visitors are using mobile devices for internet serfing and shopping. Provide them best shopping expirience on your store with our BestSearch module. Visitors with small-screen devices can search throught entrie store catalog by using simple, intuitive and with same time neat search interface.

Self hosted
Module files installed on your server and operate only on your server side. Products data won't be sent to third party servers.

Full-text & Caching
Full-text search on chosen product fields. Two-layer caching to reduce server side database queries and web requests.

Search stats
View statistics on clicks of searched products and track orders which came from search with marketing tracking code.

Module requirements
- PHP version >= 5.5
- PDO PHP extension
- PDO SQLite PHP extension
- SQLite3 PHP extension
- cURL PHP extension
- Cron Jobs at your server

Module has built-in requirements checker.

For support please contact us via email -
Support is available Monday thru Friday

Module license updates period is 12 months.
Module related problems support license period is 6 months.

Dear customers, other company modules are in renew process and will back soon. team


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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