Smart Antispam Shield - Captcha free

Smart Antispam Shield - Captcha free
Smart Antispam Shield is the NEW extension that blocks any attempt of spambots to create fake accounts on your shop.

Smart Antispam Shield protects the following pages:

  • Account Registration page / Account Forgotten Password
  • Checkout Registration page for regular users and guests
  • Product reviews form
  • Contact us Module
  • Returns Module
  • Affiliate Registration page / Affiliate Forgotten Password

Smart Antispam Shield is fully compatible with Opencart 1.5 and 2.0.

The regular price of Smart Antispam Shield is 49$, buy it now and SAVE 15$. The Promotion ends TODAY.

What is a spambot
Spambots are softwares designed to assist in the sending of spam. They scan your website pages to find forms to fill out. Spambots usually create fake accounts and some of them try to exploit your contact forms in order to send unsolicited emails to other users.

Why you must stop spambots

  • Spambots are a potential risk for your website security.
  • They fill your database with fake information.
  • They garble statistics about the number of real registered users at your website.

Stop Spammers with Smart AntiSpam Shield
Spam can cost your business time and money. To fight spam, many websites put captchas in their registration forms. Traditional captchas stop spambots from spamming the site, however, captchas can also stop users from filling out your form!
According to a recent academic study conducted by the researchers of Stanford University, the traditional text-based captchas have a 25% registration abandonment rate! And this is the last thing you want when you’re running a business.

A better user experience
Smart Antispam Shield is invisible to users! It uses a non intrusive approach that stops spambots only while humans will still be able to create an account without need to fill out any captcha.
As result, you will significantly reduce the abandonment rate compared with traditional captchas and increase sales while Smart Antispam Shield takes care of your shop security.

Advantages of Smart Antispam Shield

  • The extension Stops Spambots ONLY;
  • It is Invisible to users;
  • Your customers don't need to fill out any captcha;
  • It increases your conversion rates. Users will not be discouraged by traditional captcha systems, often too complicated and hard to read.

The extension uses vQmod, doesn't replace any core file and it is 100% compatible with any Opencart template.

FREE Technical Support Guaranteed. Any questions? contact us!

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What customers say about Smart Antispam Shield - Captcha free

Great Customer support. Above and beyond. Highly recommend.
I was getting 20-40 Spam affiliates a day and had issues stopping them. This program works great! Frank is very fast at answering my questions and solving the issues. Thanks Again
I bought this plugin because my affiliate form was getting spammed by a bot. The initial version I purchased didn't stop this issue. I brought this up to the developer and within a couple days there was an update that stopped the abuse on my site. Thanks for the time, attention and efforts.


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  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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