Auto SEO URL/Keyword + Model

Auto SEO URL/Keyword + Model
This extension automatically checks SEO Keyword fields (used for search engine friendly URLs) in products, categories, manufacturers and information pages:

- If the SEO keyword field is left blank when inserting or editing, a clean, unique one is automatically generated and filled based on the item's name or title. An existing SEO Keyword is not overwritten, so you may still use your own custom SEO URLs and clear them anytime you want them auto-generated.

- All saved SEO keywords (both auto-generated and manually entered) are checked to make sure they are globally unique - if a duplicate SEO keyword already exists anywhere else, the field is automatically edited (an autoincrementing numerical suffix is appended) so as to make it unique.

- The required Model field in products is also checked - if left blank, an automatic unique value (the same one used for the SEO keyword) is used as the product's model instead of returning an error. This way, Name remains the only required field when inserting products and categories, which has the potential to greatly improve editing times when populating a catalog (If new required fields were added in new versions of Opencart, this extension would be updated so they would get the same treatment if possible - helping quick catalog management is the goal).

(user: admin, pass: admin)

- Automatically generates unique, clean (lowercase letters, numbers and "-") SEO keywords for products, categories, manufacturers and information pages if empty
- Automatically checks if a SEO keyword is globally unique (in all cases, not just auto-generated ones), automatically adding a numeric suffix if needed (e.g. several duplicate products called "Test Product" would become test-product, test-product-1, test-product-2, etc).
- Automatically checks and autofills product model field if empty
- Fully vQmod based, no core files are created or overwritten
- Accents and other common character entities like ü, ñ, é, etc are properly detected and converted
- Extension works fully on the backend, checks are performed on data validation - so no javascript needed, and frontend-independent = better compatibility with modified or alternate administration panels/templates
- Works with multilanguage stores (current Default language is used, as set in store settings)
- English and Spanish text and documentation provided


Esta extensión comprueba automáticamente el campo SEO Keyword o Palabra clave SEO (utilizado para los URLs amigables -SEF- o personalizados) en productos, categorías, marcas y páginas de información:

- Si se deja vacío al insertar o editar, se genera y rellena automáticamente a partir del nombre o título
(Si el campo ya existe no se toca, así que puedes compaginar campos SEO introducidos manualmente con autogenerados, bastará borrarlos para que se recalculen).

- Comprueba que todos los campos palabra clave SEO (tanto introducidos a mano como generados) sean únicos - si encuentra un duplicado, el valor del campo se modifica automáticamente para evitar conflictos (se añade un sufijo numérico).

- También comprueba el campo Modelo o referencia de producto (Model) - si se deja vacío, se rellena automáticamente con el mismo valor único que la palabra clave SEO.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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