Search Downloads in Admin

Search Downloads in Admin
Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

PS: Mod has 2 types of installation OCMOD and VQMOD

If you are using Openart script to sell digital items, all of you must know that when you list 100 or 200 items on sale and later you want to edit the downloadable item name or quantity or simply change the downloadable file itself it is a pain to find it in the long long list, you must list trough lots of pages in order to find the correct one and edit.

But from now you can install this mod that will add new functionality to your downloads page in admin that is filter box (the same like you filtering products in products page) so by simply typing in a few fragments of the name you can fast find the download you want to edit. This mod is a must for all eCommerce owners that sells digital goods.

This is a must to have extension for every store which one sells downloadable items.


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Compatibility,,,,,,,,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,

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4 Nov 2020

9 Aug 2013
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