Advanced Reviews Filter Options

Advanced Reviews Filter Options
Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

If you are running eCommerce website to sell your products you already know that the mouth of word (testimonials/reviews) is one of the main keys to your success to sell more items. Clients like to read reviews of the items they thinking to buy.

But it is also not a secret that no matter how hard we try to get all clients satisfied sometimes there is someone who want to make your things bad, a competitor or not very happy customer and he can add lots of reviews to your website that is not so good for you to be seen by other clients. so in order to delete them you must scroll trough long review lists in admin and track all the reviews you want to delete or edit.

But not anymore this extension will allow you to filter out a reviews by all criteria that is needed, you can filter reviews by products, author, rating stars, status or even date. or you can combine few filters together to filter out exactly what you need. This is a must to have mod for serious eCommerce owners who wants to keep their website reviews as clean and positive as possible

Mod Is available in 3 versions for installing:

1) Preinstalled V1.5.6 Core Files
2) Manual Install.txt file (text instructions where and what to replace in core files)
3) And last one but not least VQMod XML file to be uploaded (if you have VQMod installed)

NOTE: This mod was created on OpenCart ( ) if someone is interested for older versions of OpenCart feel free to contact

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