Converge / Elavon / Virtual Merchant PRO Version (payment PRO)

Converge / Elavon / Virtual Merchant  PRO Version (payment PRO)
Virtual Merchant payment gateway for Opencart is an Payment extension for Opencart's site. You can see more
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Virtual Merchant has been added to the already wide array of payment methods that clients can use to make their reservations. This is just one of the several payment methods that are already available to guarantee that you never lose a client just because they couldn’t use their preferred

Fully compatible with Journal2 and Journal3 theme
New: update version 3.3.2 for OC 3.0.x
    fully Ajax credit Card/ debit cart when checkout
    XML processing
    working with Live / Demo API Credentials
    Nicely form input credit cart
    Support input name when input cart
    Pre Luhn algorithm check card before sending to payment gateway

Test Credit Card Account Numbers
Test Cards:
Installation document for Converge / Elavon / Virtual Merchant PRO Version
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Excellent support, just received assistance in under 24 hours over a year after purchasing this extension. Highly Recommend!


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