X-Shipping Pro

X-Shipping Pro
X-shipping pro is a Advanced shipping module. If you want to define your own shipping method and price, this module is the perfect solution. In this module you can create your own shipping method and give the method name what you want. You can define shipping method with following criteria:

1. Category based Shipping.
2. Product based Shipping
3. Product Option based shipping
3. Store based Shipping
4. Geo Zone Based Shipping
4. City and Country Based Shipping
5. Manufacturer Based Shipping
6. Customer Group Based Shipping
7. Zip/Postal Based Shipping (Comma Separated, Wildcards Support, Range Support)
8. Coupon Based Shipping
9. Quantity Based Shipping
10. Weight Based Shipping
11. Volume based Shipping
12. Sub-total based Shipping
13. Total Based Shipping
14. Final Cost can be single/cumulative
15. Percentage Price allowed
16. Negative Price allowed
17. Final Price can be adjusted by adding a value
18. Time Based Shipping
19. Week Days based Shipping
20. Group Shipping supported (You can set highest/Lowest/Average/Sum etc. )
21. Shipping Selection Heading Can be changed
22. Strong Debugging Option
23. Support Multilingual
24. Unlimited Shipping Methods
25. Very User friendly admin interface
26. Dimensional Weight based Shipping
27. City based shippping * (check warning below)
28. Payment method based shipping * (check warning below)
29. Advanced equation
30. Free Integration support
31. Shipping Cost estimator in product detail page (OC 2.x, 3.x only)
32. Sub-Options with additional cost (OC 2.x, 3.x only)

Please check blog for example and feature details http://blog.opencartmart.com/

Xshippingpro is compatible with most of the checkout modules including Journal quick checkout, ajax quickcheckout module by MarketSG, Quick Checkout by dreamvention, one page checkout, best checkout module etc

Shipping by City: Compatible with Default Checkout, Journal 2/3 checkout, Quick Checkout by MarketSG.
Shipping by Payment method: Compatible with Journal 2/3 checkout.
Sub-options: Tested with Default checkout, Journal 2/3 checkout, Quick Checkout by MarketSG, Quick Checkout by dreamvention, best checkout and one page checkout .
(If you want to use above features with other checkout modules, we can make it compatible but you must provide ftp and store admin login.)

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OC v2.x:
Site: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/
Admin Click Here
Login: demo/demo

Please check blog for example and feature details http://blog.opencartmart.com/

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