X-Shipping Pro

X-Shipping Pro
X-Shippingpro is an Advanced shipping module. If you are looking for a custom shipping solution that requires easy to advanced complex calculations, this is the perfect module for you.

X-Shippingpro is the highest-rated and most sold shipping module in Opencart Marketplace.

With this module, you can even show sub-options as dropdowns. The dropdown can be multi-level. The sub-options also can have prices if you wish to have one. The sub-options come in handy when it comes to showing a list of `PickUp Point` Or `Store List` etc.

With the help of the X-Form module, you can even show any form that will be attached to a particular shipping method. It can be useful if you want to take a delivery date or delivery time etc.

You can add a logo and description for each method if you wish to have them.
You can hide/restrict other shipping modules from x-shippingpro.

Here are the brief list of shipping type you can do with it:

1. Category-based Shipping.
2. Product-based Shipping
3. Product Option based shipping
3. Store-based Shipping
4. Geo Zone Based Shipping
4. City and Country Based Shipping
5. Manufacturer Based Shipping
6. Customer Group Based Shipping
7. Zip/Postal Based Shipping (Comma Separated, Wildcards Support, Range Support)
8. Distance-based shipping (Google Map API Key required)
9. Coupon Based Shipping
10. Quantity Based Shipping
11. Weight Based Shipping
12. Volume-based Shipping
12. Sub-total based Shipping
13. Total Based Shipping
14. Shipping Container/Packaging-based shipping.
15. Volumetric Weight based shipping
16. Dimensional Weight based shipping
18. Time-Based Shipping
19. Week Days based Shipping
20. Currency Based Shipping
21. Custom-Field based shipping
22. Product Location-based shipping
23. Product Attribute-based shipping
24. City-based shipping * (check the warning below)
25. Payment method based shipping * (check the warning below)
26. and many more...

Possible to implement multi-level dropdown e.g. SF-Lockers/SF-Stores

(CSV files are available for SF-Locker, HK and SF-Store, HK under the download section )

Please check the blog for example and feature details http://blog.opencartmart.com/

Xshippingpro is compatible with most of the checkout modules including Journal quick checkout, ajax quickcheckout module by MarketSG, Quick Checkout by dreamvention, one-page checkout, best checkout module, etc

*Attention please:
Shipping by City: Compatible with Default Checkout, Journal 2/3 checkout module, Quick Checkout by MarketSG.
Shipping by Payment method: Compatible with Journal 2/3 checkout. Please note, this rule is intended to restrict the shipping method based on payment method NOT the opposite.
Sub-options: Tested with Default checkout, Journal 2/3 checkout, Quick Checkout by MarketSG, Quick Checkout by dreamvention, best checkout, and one-page checkout.

(If you want to use the above features with other checkout modules, we can make it compatible but you must provide ftp and store admin login.)

Site: Click Here
Admin Click Here

Please check the blog for example and feature details http://blog.opencartmart.com/

Discounted Combo Pack of X-Shippingpro and X-fee Pro

Want to adjust UPS, DHL Cost, this module may help

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What customers say about X-Shipping Pro

Very productive and useful shipping module. Quite versatile with lots of options.
One of the best extension developers in terms of support and features.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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