Order value discounts

Implementing an ORDER VALUE DISCOUNT program on your store can add many benefits:
- enhancing your sales;
- keeping your customers satisfied;
- customers will choose you over competition in order to be eligible for a higher acctual discount;
- Your customers will be motivated to place larger orders;

ORDER VALUE DISCOUNT extension enables you to offer to your customers a discount based on the cart total value (current order).

- unlimited thresholds
- discount type (Fix, percent)
- NEW apply for specific customer groups
- apply for specific products or category
- offer free shipping
- support for multiple currency (threshold is set for your default currency)
- support for multiple languages (FREE at request)

How it works?

Simple Example:
You (or your marketing team) set this thresholds:
ordert total value (cart total) = 1000 discount = 4%
ordert total value (cart total) = 1500 discount = 5%
ordert total value (cart total) = 2000 discount = 6%

If customer has product in cart and cart total is:

cart total >= 1000 and cart total < 1500 then discount applyed is 4%
cart total >= 1500 and cart total < 2000 then discount applyed is 5%
cart total >= 2000 then discount applyed is 6%


Demo at: http://andrei-mlendea.ro/ocart/admin/index.php?route=common/login

Username: Demo
Password: demo

To manage discounts go to top menu Sales-> Order value discounts

To see this extension at work go to Front Store, add items to your cart and then checkout


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