URL 2 Image - add images from url / link

URL 2 Image - add images from url / link

iURL 2 Image - add images from url / link

This mod adds the possibility to save images from urls / links to your products, categories, and manufacturers.

The images will be downloaded to the image/data directory.
This mod can also handle urls that are stored in the DB.
Lets say you have made a migration or you have some imported data and the images of the products are saved as urls, than with this mod all images will be downloaded on the fly when you request them.

The mod adds a powerfull ability to the Opencart core image handling mechanisem and it comes as vqMod so no core files are changed.

This extension can be used in combination with some product importers where you get URL paths saved in your DB.

Add images from url supports:
- Product images
- Additional product images
- Categories
- Manufacturers

All Images stored as URLs in the DB will be downloaded on the fly when they are requested.

User: demo
Pass: demo

If you don't want remote images to be saved on you server, and still use remote images with same functionality:
URL Remote Image - add and use remote images

Replace the default "Refine search" for subcategories with fancy images instead of boring text.
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Rename your admin folder and take care of the basic security for your e-commerce business.
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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

Last Update
24 Jul 2014

16 Sep 2013
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