Export Orders To Excel OR ALL OR CSV OR XML (VQMOD)

Export Orders To Excel OR ALL OR CSV OR XML (VQMOD)
Export Orders To Excel OR ALL OR CSV OR XML (VQMOD)

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This extension adds a "Export Orders To Excel Or Export Orders To CSV Or Export Orders All Or Export Orders To XML" to your store.

Orders include multiple products, product information will be combined

Filter Condition
Date Start
Date End
Order Status
Payment Method
Shipping Country
Shipping Region
Shipping Method

Export Format
Excel XML
Excel CSV
Order All Info Excel XML
Order All Info To Normal XML

Export Fields
Order ID
Invoice No
Store Name
Shipping Address
Shipping Country
Shipping Zone
Shipping City
Order Comments
Product ID
Product Name
Product Options
Product Price
Product Qty
Currency Code
Tax Total
Shipping Fee
Order Total
Order Status
Payment Method
Shipping Method
Order IP
Date Added

Export you orders to excel format
Filter condition can multiple choose press ctrl or shift key.
No need to alter core files.
Export order data very fast.
Operation is clear and easy to use
Installation is very easy, upload & paste.

Demo admin username & password: demo
Demo store: http://oc.hecart.com/
Demo admin: http://oc.hecart.com/admin
Visit Instance Demo: http://oc.hecart.com/admin/index.php?route=sale/export_orders

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Thank you for your support.


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