EBANX for OpenCart (Ebanx,ebanx)

EBANX for OpenCart (Ebanx,ebanx)
EBANX for OpenCart

EBANX is the market leader in e-commerce payment solutions for International Merchants selling online to Brazil. Using EBANX, merchants can offer their customers the option the purchase online across the world using their preferred local payment methods:

  • Boleto Bancário
  • Domestic Bank Transfers (TEF)
  • Domestic Credit Cards

Key Benefits

EBANX provides more than 200 merchants from all over the world with local payment solutions which are essential for growth and success in the Brazilian market. Brazilians consumers are able to easily and quickly purchase online goods and services across the World.

Today, only 36% of Brazilians have access to International Credit cards. With our solution, you can access 100% of the Brazil market by offering ALL local payment methods to your customers.

Through a secure, cost effective and tax efficient payment processing model, EBANX collects payments locally and transfer funds to merchants internationally with the fastest remittance method in the market today.

About Our Payment Methods

Boleto Bancário is the most widely used payment method in Brazil with 100% market coverage and more than 50 million invoices paid every month. A Boleto can be paid at ATMs, all Brazilian banks, post offices, lottery agents, supermarkets and also online.

Domestic Bank Transfer is an electronic payment method that is confirmed in real-time. We are fully integrated with all major national banks: Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and HSBC. There is no risk of chargebacks for International Merchants with Boleto Bancário and Domestic Bank Transfers.

Credit cards only usable for domestic payments are still common in Brazil. With EBANX you can process payments with those cards in real-time.


Please get in touch to open an account with us. We'd be glad to assist you.

For more information, visit our website at: www.ebanx.com or email integration@ebanx.com

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