URL Remote Image - add and use remote images

URL Remote Image - add and use remote images

iURL Remote Image - add and use remote images


This mod adds the possibility to add images from urls/link to Opencart.
The images will not be downloaded to your server, they will be requested and resized from the remote location. The images will be resized with the standard Opencart resize function.
This mod can also handle urls that are stored in the DB.
Lets say you have made a migration or you have some imported data and the images of the products are saved as urls.

The mod adds a powerful ability to the Opencart core image handling mechanism, but it comes as vqMod.
There is a small javascript (colorbox) core file change, but it does not affect anything else.

This mood can be powerful in combination with some product importers where you get URL paths saved in your DB.

Add images from url supports:
- Product images
- Additional product images
- Categories
- Manufacturers

You get an secure image proxy, that will serve remote images resized the same way as if they were on you local server.
Every client requests and resizes the image just one time then it gets stored in his cache.
Decreases the server space required for images.

User: demo
Pass: demo

If you want to save remote images to your server please take a look at this extension:
URL 2 Image - add images from url / link

Rename your admin folder and take care of the basic security for your e-commerce business.
iAdmin Security [RECOMENDED] - Basic Opencart security


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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24 Jul 2014

18 Sep 2013
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