Different shipping for different categories [VQMOD]

Different shipping for different categories [VQMOD]
It was a paid extension, but it was developed quite a long time ago and supports only the outdated version of opencart (1.5.x).
The code of extension is far away from perfect, but currently we have no resources to improve or even to maintain this version of the module further. At the same time it is still can be useful for somebody, thus we made it free. However, as a free extension, now it also comes with no warranty (and with no guaranteed support).

For all those who purchased the module earlier, our support obligations remain valid (we provide support for them as usual).

The module allows you to specify different shipping methods for different product categories.
Handy in case of trade of different products, which shipping methods are differ radically depending on the category.

After installing the module, in categories settings pages (on tab "Data") will be displayed a list of shipping methods with the checkboxes. Only checked shipping methods will be available to the customer when it ordering products from this category. If you do not check any shiping methods - it is believed that this category has no limitations on shipping methods (any shipping methods can be used).

If customer order some products from categories with different shipping methods, only shipping methods suitable for all this categories will be aviable.

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11 Jul 2020

18 Sep 2013
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