DHL - Shipping address export

DHL - Shipping address export (Germany)
This extensions give you the possibility to export the shipping adresses
for your orders into a CSV-File. Then you can easily import them to PAKET.DE
for ordering your shipping.

» Configure your postal address in the settings for each shop seperatly
» Export the chosen shipping addresses of your orders into a CSV-File
» Import the addresses for order your shipping at DHL Paket (incl. Shipping-slips)

Hinweis: Da DHL zur Zeit Probleme mit Umlauten hat, werden diese
beim Export automatisch ersetzt. (ä wird ae, ü wird ue, ö wird oe und ß wird ss)

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Compatibility, 1.5.6,,,,, 1.5.4,

Last Update
16 May 2023

18 Sep 2013
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