Canada Post Web Services Shipping (Works with MijoShop Joomla)

OpenCart Canada Post REST Web Services Shipping Module
Works with OpenCart Version 1.5.6
Sept. 2013

This module will only work being shipped from Canada. The destination
address requires a postal code/zip code and has been tested with
Canadian, USA, and all international addresses. As long as you are shipping
from a Canadian address you can ship anywhere in the world!

Some modules out there use SellOnline but this module uses the Canda Post Web Services API Server with your account. This gives the most accurate rates for your account with any corporate rates you get from them included. Must more accurate and advanced than SellOnline.

Products can have any weight unit and any length unit. As long as you have
kg and cm in setup as units in OpenCart (which is default), weights and
dimensions will be automatically converted to metric ensure accurate rates are
returned by Canada Post's server.

This module requires you to sign up for Canda Post Web Services and generate
your unique API username and password.

All Canada Post Accounts Supported.
MijoShop and Joomla Supported.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,

Last Update
31 Jan 2018

18 Sep 2013
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