Display Subcategory Products on Parent Category Page

Display Subcategory Products on Parent Category Page
Major Update
1. New Admin settings page - select which sub-categories to show, number of items to show in each group, and so on.
2. Now supporting unlimited level - parent category will show 2nd level, 3rd level, and more...

3. FREE Integration for your theme!!!


The main parent category is empty with no product, and the parent category page has nothing much to display?

With this extension, you don't have to manually add parent category selection on category option of each product, and the parent category pages automatically lists 10 products of each subcategory on separate box layout. When visitor open the parent category page, he not only sees all subcategories, but a lists of their products.

OpenCart 1.5 Demo

OpenCart 2.0 Demo

Notes: We have custom builds for the popular themes - journal, Shoppica2, and Sellya, if it's what you need, email me.

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