Update Price with Options Change - Live refresh price

Update Price with Options Change - Live refresh price

UPDATE on Sept 1, 2018. Support for OpenCart 3.x!
UPDATE on Nov 4, 2014. Support for OpenCart 2.0!
UPDATE on June 20, 2014. Optimized for currency symbol on left ($1,000.00) or right (1,000.00€).
UPDATE on March 19, 2014. Support more themes, dynamic update special price, old price and Ex Tax tags.
This extension can automatically update PRICE tag on PRODUCT pages with the selections of product options. The default theme doesn’t have this function to refresh the price with the options. With this extension, visitors can see the final price of the product depending on their option selections.

Demo (OpenCart 3.x)

Demo (OpenCart 2.3.x)

Demo (OpenCart 2.0)

Demo (OpenCart

It works with all following types of options:
1. Radio
2. Select
3. Checkbox
4. Image

This extension is written in JavaScript and uses vqmod, which makes no changes to your existing files. It’s tested on IE6/7/8/9/10, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You definitely need this extension to improve users’ browser experience.

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