Autocomplete killer PRO

Do you find the autocomplete feature as disgusting as canned chicken? Then, this vqmod extension is right for your stomach!

It brings back the old good select fields for:
* Parent category (on category edit form)
* Categories (on product edit form)
* Related Products (on product edit form)
* NEW Manufacturers (on product edit form)

I don't currently use Downloads, multi stores, etc.. So, I didn't change those. I MAY add manufacturers later. Added manufacturers.

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I give this for free 'cause 99.9% of the code can be found around the web (ie opencart,com and forum). Thus, I find it unethical to charge more than .50$ for this kind of extensions, an opinion not favorable around here I notice. So... here you are. With the PRO version!!!

I checked it with 1.5.6. Must work with older versions as well. Enjoy.

10/10/13: UPDATE! Adds the old dropdown for manufacturers too!
16/05/2014 not so HUGE UPDATE! Fixed the error with the undefined variable[/b]

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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Compatibility, 1.5.6,,, 1.5.6,

Last Update
16 May 2014

1 Oct 2013
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