Sticky Labels - Shipping labels

Sticky Labels - Shipping labels
Print beautiful shipping labels!

opencart 3 ready

Finally, a convenient way to generate shipping labels with customer address and order details right in opencart.

Updated Opencart 3 version with new features:

- bugfixes
- interface improvements
- new element rounded square
- new lists: list simple, cn22, cn22 simple
- new barcode types C39, C128
- added cn22 name to product info page
- added tracking info to order detail page
- added printing cutting marks as option

Fully configurable labels with customer shipping address and any information can be placed in the label on any desired fixed or relative position and in any colour, squares, lines, separators, images, barcodes and your own texts. You can virtually generate any label format you can imagine.

Fully configurable label sheet templates. You can define standard labels sheets templates like any Avery, Apli etc. or you can create your own.

By using this module you will be able to select the orders ready to ship and generate the sticky labels with just a click. No need to use proprietary software. No need to use import/export functionalities. The labels are generated as a PDF that you can print on your sticky labels sheet. That easy.

Print on any printer. Also suitable for printing on label printers, dymo, zebra, brother and any thermal label printer.

Suitable for any order volume! Don’t waste material! You can easily select which labels are already peeled off from the sheet before printing so you can reuse your label sheets until they run out.

demo opencart 3:

username: demo
password: demo

Key Features:

- Easy configuration: with instant visual preview of the label design

- Customer and order shipping information: name, address, country, postcode... etc.

- Several fonts available, Helvetica, Serif, Symbols, ocr, etc.

- Lines, squares and filled squares of any colour.

- Barcodes: Standard barcodes for order info, tracking info etc.

- Images: Your logo, or any other image you need to add to your labels. SVG support has been added to the opencart image manager as this image format will print as high definition in the labels you create.

- Relative positioning: You can position your elements relative to the label, so you can use the same label in different sizes. E.g. you can “center” the shipping address or put your logo in the top-right position.

- Print dialog where you can select which labels are already peeled off from the label sheet Reuse your label sheets and save material.

The module comes preconfigured with some sticky label sheets and label formats that you can use right away or you can create your own.

Need help? If you need help to create a specific custom made label with your own format or font this can be provided as a service. don’t hesitate to ask.

Please send any question or support enquiry to

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Support really helpfull and this extension is a must have!
Great extension and excellent After Sale support! , works great.


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