X-Fee/Discount Pro (Fee/Discount)

X-Fee/Discount Pro (Fee/Discount)
X-Fee Pro is an advanced fee/discount module that lets you define any kind of fee or discount to the order. This could be a payment processing fee, shipping process fee, bulk discount or any general-purpose charge/discount. This module allows you to create your own fee and you can name it whatever the name you want.

You can add the fee/discount with the following criteria:

1. Product Category based fee/discount.
2. Order Total based fee/discount
3. Weight Based fee/discount
4. Customer group Based fee/discount
5. Shipping Method Based fee/discount
6. Payment Method Based fee/discount
6. Cart quantity based fee/discount
8. Fee/Discount amount can be fixed or percentage
9. Fee/discount can be shown with Or without VAT/Tax
10. Fake fee i.e this fee/discount appears on the total section but does not affect the order-total
11. Hidden fee i.e this fee/discount does NOT appear on order summary but affects the order-total
12. Customer First order/purchase Discount
13. and many more options...

It is compatible with X-Shipping Pro and X-Payment

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Some discount example using Equation

Difference Between X-Feepro and X-Discount

X-Fee is a Total module i.e. it shows a discount/fee to the order total section. It is suitable when you need to set a payment fee, sub-charge, and discount over the total order amount.

X-Discount applies the discount amount to the product price. It is just an alternative of OC default special price and discount features. It gives an option to control all discounts and special prices from the same place and easier way. Also, it is possible to move the discount/special amount from cart product to the Order total section if you want.

Discounted Combo Pack with X-Shipping Pro

X-Discount - Easier Way of creating Special Price and Discount: Click Here to see details

X-form Opencart form builder

What customers say about X-Fee/Discount Pro (Fee/Discount)

Great and fast support from the developer. I had some questions and got them sorted out almost right away. The extension works exactly how i want it to work and the setup was pretty clear.


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