Scroll Review Tab to Top On Product Page

Scroll Review Tab to Top On Product Page
OpenCart 3.0.x support!

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This review perfectly describes how this extension works:

Fed up with not getting product reviews? Ever wondered why? It's probably because customers think the "Write A Product Review" does not work!

Have you noticed that when you click on "Write A Product Review" or "Reviews" it appears that nothing has happened? This is because the Reviews tab is normally down towards the bottom of the page so the customer does not see it, they just think nothing has happened.

This great little mod Sam has written solves that, now when you click on "Write A Review" or "Reviews" the page will scroll down to the reviews section and the Review tab will be open ready and waiting!

Getting customers to leave Reviews is hard enough as it is, so anything you can do to make it easier for them is a plus.

This mod isn’t powerful, but it improves your site user experience (UX). It has been tested on IE6/7/8/9/10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, also tested on OpenCart v1.5.x to v3.0.x.

This page scrolling mod is written in vqmod and ocmod xml, (a short paragraph of javascript code), so it doesn’t make any changes to your existing template.

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